Automated Peripheral Smear Test

Our device automates the smear, painting, imaging processes and it assesses the blood sample by using artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence – State of the art deep learning methods, High accuracy rates

  • Better Smear – Adjustable smear angle and speed
  • Automated Painting and Washing –Standardized sample quality

  • Quality Imaging- High quality magnified microscopic images

  • Improved Data and Connectivity- Digital sample image archive, Increased accessibility
Our Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our device automates the manual process of peripheral blood smear test by utilizing cutting edge technology and unique artificial intelligence software. Learn more about the technology behind it.

Special Features

Discover the distinctive features and specifications of our device and compare these with others and the manual PS test

Improved Efficiency

Learn how our device will help your lab to be more efficient and how it will help your institution to save time and resources.

Better Connectivity

Our device will enable you to build a digital hematology archive. Fınd out how it will improve patient care by allowing doctors to access digital PS test results behind their desks.


Red Blood Cells Detection Accuracy


White Blood Cells Detection Accuracy


Platelets Detection Accuracy



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