What does our device do?

Here you can find more information about the functions of and the technology behind our device.

In a nutshell, our innovative device automates the manual process of peripheral blood smear test by utilizing cutting edge technology and unique artificial intelligence software.
It carries out three main functions:

  • Smears the blood sample with an electro-mechanic motor
  • Paints and washes the samples automatically
  • Takes cell images and analyzes/assesses them with artificial intelligence.

The biggest feature of our device is the use of artificial intelligence and sophisticated image detection algorithms to generate results for peripheral smear test. Powerful lenses of our device sharply focus on the desired areas and locate red and white blood cells on the stained blood sample. Our AI software accurately classifies these blood cells and identifies morphological problems using high definition microscopic cell images. Simply put, our device analyzes cell images and produces PST results for doctor’s final review. If the doctors hesitate about the test results, they have the chance to review many cell images from their desktop computers conveniently using our software.

Electro-mechanic smearing, painting and washing provides consistency and uniformity for all blood samples. Our device enables lab technicians to adjust smear angle and speed. We use high quality Romanowsky stains for painting.

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