Diving Into The Deep

We help hematologists and pathologists with AI-powered blood smear differentials. Our solution replaces time consuming, labor intensive manual peripheral blood smear examination with automated PS test that provides reliable and quick results at lower costs. Our device produces a report listing all morphological normalcy and abnormalities, along with the microscopic images of the smeared blood samples. Based on these, doctors can make diagnosis or conveniently monitor the prognosis of the disease. Since our all the blood sample data and images produced by our device is integrated into the hospital IT system, doctors can easily access automated PS test reports and all the images for all tests at anytime.

Our device will significantly reduce heavy workload of lab technicians and medical specialists including hematologists and internal physicians.  With their saved time, specialist doctors will be able to help more patients and focus more on the essential part of their jobs which is assessing the morphological abnormalities.

Currently according to the data collected from around 15000 blood sample images (approximately 300000 cells) our device has the following average accuracy rates:

White Blood Cells ( Neutrophiles, Lymphocytes) : 97 %

Red Blood Cells (Macrocytes, Microcytes, Hypochromia): 98 %

Platelets (aggregation, normal, large): 99 %

Thanks to the nature of our deep learning software, the more blood samples tested on it the higher the accuracy and precision rates will be.  Our AI-powered device continuously improves itself with the feedbacks provided by the doctors and medical technologists.

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